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Since i'm starting to make friends over at dear old fbr_t with anons, i figured that i'd make a post here so that we can chat without the fears of banhammers and tl;dr and whatnot. So yeah! Introduce yourselves, say hello, say whatever. Let's chat! :D

<3 SBC


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FIRST ily :)
hello anon! how are you?
hello how are you? :)


hello it is your fav aussie anon who wants to go to montreal and shit. what's going on :) entertain me because i seriously have nothing to do because it's summer and exams are over and i'm free andddd fbrt is dead. /harassment


oh and ty for that colour visualizer thing up there it gave me some ideas :)
lol you asked about ~asian pop yesterday, so i figured i just reply back here.
but yeah it is, it's all kpop. my favorites rn are f(x) but they only have five songs released D: and 2PM, their cd just came out and it is fab. brown eyed girls and big bang's new songs are really good, too! what kind of music are you looking for?
that comm. is rly good cause the girl updates with new k/jpop songs/cds everyday. :)
oooh thank you! i dunno, i just like the fun stuff. i've heard a few songs by BoA (i think) that i liked, so stuff like that. i can't deal with the voices that are all nasaly but otherwise i'm pretty open to anything.


hai gurl i hope you had a fab bday <3
omg i did i did!

i might actually be slightly tipsy now, lol.


hey gf i was wondering where you download your sims 3 hair at?? i was lurkin the sims post on fbrt and your sims had fab hair!
np! i absolutely adore my sims 3 hair because the original hair that came with the game was so fucking shitty. anyhoo, i use a place called PMBD (just google that). they get the stuff that you normally have to pay for and let you download it for free. most of my hairs come from a creator named peggy. another site, simscave.com, does the same thing but you have to register to use that one and it's kind of annoying.

for everything else i use mysims3blog.blogspot.com this guy picks up updates on everything from a variety of sites and there's a lot of neat hair and clothes. i think there's a tab where you can only see the hair entries too.



An FBRT-er in my wonderful city!
I wish I knew about this sooner.
Which Mcgill campus are you on if you don't mind me asking and sounding like a stalker.
:D hello! i'm on the normal downtown campus because i'm not environmental studies, lol. and you don't sound like a stalker, don't worry. you'd only be a stalker if you were asking what classes i have and where i eat and whatnot. :)
awesome! i will try and get a good card and send it to you, probably when i get home from college. :D
hola, brittany here with your ian fix in mp3 form. :D

ok i'm just gunna leave this here since i felt the need to share and i'm pretty sure you're the only one who would care lol

:3 ian dm'd me on twitter last night/early this morning and i'm like laskjdaw.
:D really? what'd he say?

omg gurl i was in the stickam that he did and i wrote "singer can kiss my ass you're made of talent and win" and he starts cracking up and says "thanks sarah bc" and i just died like twenty times over lol.


how come you never come to fbrt anymore?
idk i had to finish out my first year of college and it just kind of slipped my mind. but i've been lurking more and more lately so i might come back soon :) plus colourfulworlds keeps bugging me to come back anyway lol


Damn youuuuu twitter

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