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Cassadee Pope Releases Video for New Single "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart"

The Voice Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope released the music video for "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart," which is the second single off her debut EP "Frame by Frame." Her first single, "Wasting All These Tears" has been certified gold.

icu trying to be TSwift with that soft focus lighting, white sparkly dress, and attempts at headbanging, girl. You will never be the queen. In other news, this song is like the country version of "Roar": so completely generic that it may have a chance at doing okay if her management learns what promo is.

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Have you heard the original Wasting All These Tears, the one recorded by the girl who wrote it?
Lol I haven't but I would think it's better simply on the intrinsic fact that it's not being sung by a mountain goat.
Clearly I'm not a member of ONTD or I'd be posting this in the comments of one of your glorious posts but alas, I'm forced to post it here. I'm certain you'll take as much pleasure in this as I do.

(In response to a question about her mythical next album.) "There isn't an exact time but we're aiming for early next year and um, it's looking like it's probably going to be an EP because I have so many songs that, um, it's really hard to choose for a whole album so we might just do an EP here, and more songs more frequently which I think is better in the long run, for my fans. Gives them more music, so."

Of course it does, Cassadee. Less tracks = more music for your fans. If this supposed wealth of songs is making it "really hard to choose for a whole album", how is it any easier to narrow them down for an EP? This is a horrible attempt at trying to cover up the fact that her label simply doesn't want to give her another album.

I think this is sign #738,833 that she's getting dropped. If I recall correctly, Hey Monday's 2nd album was also degraded to an EP before they were dropped. This seems like the exact same situation, which is actually quite amazing.

OMG do you have a source on this because I need to potentially make a post on it. That's exactly what happened to Beneath It All. It was a full album that got downgraded to an EP for mysterious reasons (i.e. everyone was quitting). Her single is literally dead in the water despite their big NYC promo day and a Pandora thing with relevant people. This was 100% a "test the waters" single to figure out if people cared--why else release a single with no album date?--and it failed terrible. I don't see her lasting much longer in the country scene because they've poured so much money into her and they're not getting their return on investment.

Oh man you made my Wednesday.